In honor of our classmates who graduated to the next level before us:

At the time of the 50th Reunion of Muskogee Central High School Roughers Class of 1967; a donation is being made to the Butterfly Papilion at Honor Heights Park in the memory of these classmates.

Gary Dale Arnold

Birth Date: 1949-02-28
Deceased Date: 2009-09-08
Thomas Parker - April 15th, 2017
Met Gary in the 5th grade. As I remember, he was very good at math and he was a good friend to have around.

Bill Averyt

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John Evans Backes

Birth Date: 1949-08-30
Deceased Date: 1983-04-29
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Noel Defoe (Buck) Ballard

Birth Date: 1949-04-12
Deceased Date: 1990-01-22
bill foreman - April 18th, 2017
we were close friends from grade shool until his death..miss him

Loretta Faye Baroli Self

Birth Date: 1949-09-27
Deceased Date: 2016-07-15
bill foreman - April 18th, 2017
great friend to everyone at school...everyone will remember has happy she was.

Carolyn Ann Beaty Capps

Birth Date: 1949-09-05
Deceased Date: 2010-01-05
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Rocky Lee Beaver

Birth Date: 1948-12-10
Deceased Date: 1987-02-22
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Ronnie Gene Bennett

Birth Date: 1948-02-03
Deceased Date: 1969-06-15
Stanley Hiner - April 26th, 2017
Met Ron in jr high.  He took a car load of us home from ninth grade "banquet" since he had his drivers license already, fun memory.  One of the most easy going, yet competitive people I have known.  I still remember how sad it was to hear of his accident. Wish he could be with us this weekend.
bill foreman - April 18th, 2017
we rode our scooters together. his cushman and my alstate 125, great kid he was

Richard Clark Boyd

bill foreman - April 18th, 2017
we went to all the races in tulsa together in high school we were great friends until the day he passed.

Charles Edward (Chuck) Bunting

Robert Patterson - September 13th, 2022
Chuck was a friend who had some problems,all of us do. Raised by fine parents, he had the invaluable ability to forgive. He had many godly attributes. The best part is that he gave his whole life to the Lord. I hope to see him again.